Further expertise

Hands on, Interactive Succession Planning at the Leadership Level

  • Executive Coaching
  • Identifying Vision, KPIs
  • Team Chartering
  • Employee Development Plans
  • Customized Training

Assist New Leadership and Management Succeed in New Role

Succession Planning

Sustainable Growth Services that Support the Execution of Operating Goals. 

Leadership Transition

SUSTAINABLE Growth Strategies

​For Mid-Market Non Profits and Companies




We will customize your Solution

Real, Multi-Industry Experience

Employee Development

  • Interim Leadership
  • Operating Plans
  • Lean Enterprise
  • Interviewing and Screening
  • Visual Management

Proactive Performance Plan Development Using Tools to Align to Individual Talents

Karl Driggs has a strong background in operations and executive leadership

Over 18 Years in Senior Leadership roles in Start-ups, Professional Services and Manufacturing - Understands the "C" level, but can translate and implement at all levels

Inspire Others to be the Solution